Temples of MP: Some personal favourites

02 May

While working on our book Temples of Madhya Pradesh, we came across several incredible temples, some whacky, some awe-inspiring, and some just caught my fancy! Check these out:

The Bhojeshwar Shiva Temple at Bhojpur is particularly fascinating because of the HUGE shivalinga enshrined in its garbhagriha (5.5 metres high!). The absence of the customary shikhara is also pretty unusual.

Speaking of impressive, this Varaha avatar image stands tall, at a height of 4 metres, in the midst of 4th-5th century temple ruins, at Eran.

The grand Maladevi Temple at Gyaraspur, near Sanchi, is an architectural marvel! Carved out from a cliff, the temple juts out from the slope.

Think what you want, but you have got to admit... that linga is pretty freaky! The Chaumukhnath or the Chaturmukhnath Temple at Nachna is named after the four-faced linga enshrined in its garbhagriha. Each face has a distinct expression, with the terrifying one pictured above being my favourite. (Photo courtesy: American Institute)

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