Delhi City Guide

The Delhi City Guide … the perfect companion to the curious Dilliwala, the armchair traveller and visitors to the capital.
The Times of India, 22 May`98

Another value-added product from the Eicher group … If you are a first time visitor to the capital,then the Delhi City Guide is
certainly an essential and indispensable item for your kitbag.
The Times of India, 26 May`98

The last thing you expect an automobile company to come up with is a city guide. But Eicher has done it,not for the first,but a second time successfully. Following up the phenomenal success of its City Map,published two years ago,Eicher launched its second major publishing venture – Eicher’s City Guide: Delhi.
Sunday Times of India,  31 May`98

A labour of love … Flattering visuals and perky text makes for good browsing, information apart.
The Economic Times, 22 May`98

A loving mix of historical and contemporary perspectives,supplemented by narratives on myriad aspects of the city … Therein lies both the uniqueness and value of the Delhi City Guide. Value for money, says the editors, was the touchstone of their endeavour. The book certainly passes this test.
Sunday Economic Times, 7 June`98

The first world class city guide showing the modern capital in its historical context … 418 page, slick product with 750 specially commissioned photographs, 25 architectural drawings and 42 pages of maps.
The Pioneer, 22 May`98

The Guide delves deep into the historical and cultural wealth of Delhi and unveils surprising facets to even  hardcore Delhiwallahs … The lucid glossary and phrase book add to the utility of the book, making it extremely reader-friendly.
 The Pioneer, 30 May`98

It is a handy ready reckoner with historical and architectural insights … the Delhi City Guide serves as the perfect companion, as it meticulously lists the historical monuments and other places of interest that can be found in every part of Delhi.
The Pioneer, 13 June`98

A formidable recommendation for the foreign tourist pack.
The Indian Express, 22 May`98

This is the second major publishing venture from the group after the EicherDelhi City Map, which sold over 60,000 copies.
The Indian Express, 29 May`98

Excellent drawings, photographs and maps and crisp comments make this guide a useful ready reckoner … the information will ensure you say goodbye to sheepish smiles when outsiders ask you about your city.
The Indian Express, New Delhi/Hyderabad, 31 May`98

A guide,a companion and more … the encyclopaedic Eicher Delhi City Guide is the “perfect companion” to the curious Dilliwala, the armchair traveller and visitors to the capital.
The Hindu, 22 May`98

It is the first comprehensive guidebook on Delhi, blending the cultural with the practical, artistic excellence with scientific precision.
Hindu Business Line, National Edn, 22 May`98

Eicher’s Delhi City Guide covers information a foreign tourist, an Indian traveller or a “Dilliwala” may need onDelhi The success of the city map gave birth to the guide.
The HinduNew Delhi / Chennai, 14 June`98

It’s not very often that guides and maps can evoke so much response. But in a country starved of such vital information,the launching of the  Eicher Delhi City Map” sometime ago became a landmark … Eicher has once again made its mark in this realm with the publication of the Eicher Delhi City Guide … All in all a very thoughtfully planned out production which Eicher should extend to other places of tourist interest in India.
The Hindu, Chennai, 21 June`98

Enriched with numerous and yet unknown facts about the city … Written in a style distinctly different from the conventional guide books on cities.
The Hindu,New Delhi, 29 June`98

An attempt by Eicher makes us believe that Delhiis still alive … Want to feel it? OpenEicher Delhi City Guide … The result is a far cry from dull and part-wise segregated brochures which maps out what is inside the city.
The Asian Age, 22 May`98

It seeks to familiarise Delhiites with the beauty and the architectural wealth of the ancient city which is often forgotten beneath the pollution and congestion, the dirt and grime … inimitable style.
The Asian Age,New Delhi, 30 June`98

From eating joints … to the art galleries … from the bus routes to the shopping centres, from the local parlance to the health hazards of the Capital, the book has it all.
The Statesman, 22 May`98

An extremely well brought out and reasonably priced book … Maybe this will start the trend of such books being brought out on other major cities of India.
The Statesman,Calcutta, 22 June`98

The book is an extensively researched handy reference targetted towards both domestic and international tourists.
Newstime,Hyderabad, 22 May`98

‘… everything you wanted to know about Delhi… an impressive list of names is involved with the Eicher Guide to Delhi.
The Telegraph,Calcutta, 23 May`98

A city guide detailing the historical and cultural wealth ofDelhi… seeks to repositionDelhion the international tourism map.
Financial Express,Bangalore, 26 May`98

The Eicher City Guide: Delhi attempts to help people in Delhi rediscover the old magic of a city … Some of the outstanding features of the book include a list of over 25 popular and some still to be explored tourist destinations near Delhi … the book culminates in a tight but informative practical information package.
The Hindustan Times, 27 May`98

Experts have helped get the facts and fantasies aboutDelhiright. With over 700 photographs and 42 detailed maps,it outlines the city’s life from 1400 BC to 1992, when Delhi became a state.
The Hindustan Times,New Delhi, 30 May`98

Delhi- Eicher’s City Guide is the first Indian effort to look at our city, our way. Everything about it is Indian … a city guide which is not just a compilation of already known facts.
The Hindustan Times, 31 May`98

With over 400 informative pages, the book is packed with numerous interesting and yet unknown facts aboutDelhi.
Mid-Day, 28 May`98

The extensive research that has gone into bringing out “an accurate and authentic” guide makes it user-friendly.
Business Standard,New Delhi, Mumbai & Calcutta, 30 May`98

While on guides, Delhihas an excellent guide dedicated to the city, courtesy Eicher, which is well-researched and referenced, making it exhaustive … it is worth every rupee.
How to spend it (supplement) – Business Standard, June `98

The City Guide is the first comprehensive and handy guidebook onDelhi, blending the cultural with the practical, artistic excellence with scientific precision … Extremely user-friendly.
GIS, May-June `98

This comprehensive handbook takes over where the Eicher City Map left off…witty, chatty write-ups … Worth the steep price.
India Today, 1 June`98

Every chapter is a tour, complete in itself, with the text organised in a manner that can move from one place of interest to the next closest to it. Highly recommended.
Outlook, 1 June`98

…much acclaimed by both blase residents and intrepid tourists, Eicher City Guide to Delhi … the end product has been worth every minute of the 18 months spent on it.
Business Today, 7 June`98

The Eicher City Guide to Delhi  is everything a good travel guide should be; it offers all manner of information for tourists in a format that is interesting and easy to read.
Business India, 14 June`98

The Eicher City Guide: Delhi is a slick, sophisticated handbook chock-a-block with data about the capital.
Business World, 22 June – 6 July`98

Packed with information … The guide contains valuable contributions … it has been designed to meet the needs of both Dilliwalas and tourists.
A&M, 30 June`98


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