Sikkim Travel Guide

One of India’s most beautiful states has been carved out into north, south, east, west, to guide the clueless traveller through a maze of hotels, restaurants, gompas and trekking trails.
The Sunday Express, 22.12.02

Now adventure freaks and nirvana seekers can find more dope on this quaint little state tucked in India’s north-eastern corner, happily free from polybag dumping. As the publishers say, this is the first comprehensive guidebook to Sikkim, the land of mountains and mists, flowers and festivals. It includes comprehensive and up-to-date information to meet every traveller’s need: entry-permit formalities, flight and train connections, hotels and restaurants. The guidebook also carries English-Nepali and English-Hindi phrasebooks.
ET Travel,  02.12.02

‘The friendly processing of information, such as the illustrated section on birds and bird-watching in Sikkim, is what makes the Good Earth Guides easy to use and useful for reference.’
Business Standard, 02.01.03


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