Speaking Stones: World Cultural Heritage Sites in India

Speaking Stones: World Cultural Heritage Sites in India and Walking With The Buddha: Buddhist Pilgrimages In India. For any one interested in our past or in places to get away to, these are essential buys.’
Business Standard, 17.2.01

‘This is a travel guide with a difference – it takes you on a unique
tour of the World Heritage sites scattered all over India…Especially delightful are the historical asides that cast a fresh light on how these monuments were built and the politics and conceits of those who built them’.
Outlook, 19.02.01

‘Deftly put together by the indefatigable Swati Mitra and her team, the slim volume on World Cultural heritage Sites in India, evocatively labelled Speaking Stones…the team packs in a wealth of information, photographs, maps and graphics… All of Eicher’s publications are good buys…and this one is no exception.’
Economic Times, 18.03.01

‘The book covers information about all the 17 Heritage Sites in India…’Unlike all the travel books and guides which follow the sites in a historical or chronological sequence we have grouped the sites in a sequence that is the most practical from the travellers’ point of view’ says Swati Mitra, the editor. Speaking Stones : World Cultural Heritage Sites in India is not a coffee table book but a utility guide for a traveller who wants stripped down information…It also gives information on visas, air connections, airline offices, train timings and hotel.
The Saturday Statesman, 12.5.01

‘For the benefit of tourists and others interested to know more about India’s heritage, Eicher Goodearth and the department of tourism have produced a handy guide titled Speaking Stones: World Cultural Heritage Sites in India. Edited and published by Swati Mitra, the slim volume has over 200 beautiful photographs and detailed site maps…The guidebook contains sections on practical information, travellers’ needs, visa requirements and even a phrase book and glossary-very handy for travellers.
DelhiTimes, The Times of India, 15.03.01


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