Varanasi City Guide

‘In its latest venture, Swati Mitra and her keenly aesthetic team of researchers and artists have put together a memorable carry-book on India’s very own Eternal City, Varanasi. The photographs and information present the city in a uniquely gentle perspective…. The book captures the essence of Kashi for the Indian…or anyone interested in India’s breathtaking diversity. A collectible, like all its predecessors.
The Economic Times, 23.12.01

‘Eicher Goodearth, which specialises in city maps and guides, has added Varanasi to its list of elegantly produced narrow-format books. Along with 160 specially commissioned photographs, are glimpses of Varanasi’s mythological past and present. It catalogues the eateries, the hostelry and the shopping malls along with helpful sketch maps.’
Businessworld, 25.03.02

‘For travellers of the foot-loose kind as well as the armchair variety, Swati Mitra’s city guide onVaranasiwill come as a welcome treat. One of the few cities in the world that boasts of three names-Varanasi, Kashi and Benaras – it is also one of the oldest. The first section of the guide,Varanasi: The Other Reality attempts to capture the spiritual resonance of the city. The second takes readers through a guided tour, with detailed text and stunning photographs bringing alive the bustle of lanes, temples and bazaars. In addition, practical information such as thorough visa formalities, health precautions and travel details are also thoughtfully provided.’
Sunday Review, 27.01.02

This one is for true believers in the ‘Kashi ke Kankar Shiv Shankar’ credo, from Goodearth …Supported by UP Tourism, the Varanasi City Guide…gets better when the legends have been told and the experiences unravel descriptively from the ghats, temples and haggling pandas to wrangling wrestlers at Hanuman Ghat. What makes this new is the inclusion of Benaras through the eyes of modern painters. And when it boils down to the hard facts you’ll find them right up to paying guest accommodation in Varansi, Benaras and Kashi.
Outlook, 21.0102

The guide tries to capture the real city…be it the essence of the city, be it the VishwanathTemple, the Gangaaarti, the ever famous ghats, or simply a busy street.
The Financial Express, 24.02.2002

‘Varanasihas been written about extensively, yet no illustrated guide has attempted as much as this guide. Not only does it include the usual sections on sightseeing, it attempts to capture the persona of the city through the chapters on Shiva, Ganga and Kashi.’
Business Standard, 03.01.03




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