Walking with the Buddha

‘Walking with the Buddha …Its strengths lie in its excellent production values, beautiful photographs and in being hugely informative.’
Times of India, 01.01.1999

‘A joint effort by Eicher and the Ministry of Tourism, Walking With The Buddha, is the first attempt to present the sacred sites associated with the life of Buddha as traditional pilgrim circuit…The book is an ideal companion for anyone interested in the path trod by the Buddha’.
Outlook, 23.08.1999

The tourist guides produced by Eicher are as usual are excellent in their finesse…they take pains to look after technical perfection concerning place locations etc…catering to the needs of the travellers’.
The Statesman, 23.08.1999

‘The guide is well-researched and brilliantly presented…This guide is as much a connoisseur’s treat as a travellers delight’.
The Hindustan Times, 22.08.1999

‘This slickly produced guide-cum-mini-history text chronicles the life of the Buddha and doles out useful information on hotels, restaurants and travel options’.
India Today, 30.08.1999

Walking with the Buddha is a lavishly produced slim volume, replete with travel data as well as history and archaeological facts…The Dalai Lama himself whispered his words of appreciation to Swati Mitra (at the launch function on 6th August, 1999)
The Economic Times, 08.08.1999

‘Filled with interesting snippets, Walking with the Buddha is the original coffee book experience rolled into a concise travel guide.’
The Indian Express, 8.08.1999


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