Walking with the Gurus

‘This excellent gurdwara walkabout guide begins with condensed Sikh history, selection from the Gurbani and has an entire chapter
on the crown of Sikhism, the Golden Temple….The travellers’ guide section at the end of the book is full of practical information.’
Sunday Express, 04.07.04

‘Walking with the Gurus does an excellent job of introducing the
Sikh faith and its centres of pilgrimage to the lay reader.’
Outlook Traveller, June 2004

‘Walking with the Gurus is the only volume that captures succinctly and tastefully nearly all genres of Sikh literature and art…and at the same time is a handy travel guidebook… The fabled Punjab of yore has been fully evoked, and its ambience preserved. The life sketch of each of the ten Sikh gurus comes with a panorama of suitable paintings and pictures’.
The Tribune, 11.07.04

‘This is a book which invites its readers to take a holy walk…. it is a great help for those who walk the path of the gurus …it captures the spirit of this vibrant religion.’
The Hindu, 14.05.04


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