West Bengal Travel Guide

times of india, 26.05.09,Kolkata
Times of India (Kol), 26th June
Hindu 28th May 09

Hindu 28th May 09


The Hon’ble Minister for State Tourism, Manab Mukherjee, launched the West Bengal Travel Guide at an official press release in Kolkata on 4 June 2009. Here’s the story in the Times of India Kolkata ed:

Times of India with book launch, 4 june


And not to lag behind, the haloed columns of Ananda Bazar Patrika also deigned to carried this review (dont worry we’ve translated it for you):

ABP review of West Bengal Guide 29.07

Translated: ‘From the Dooars to the Sundarbans, from Kolkata to Purulia, from Bishnupur to Malda — the entire state has now been presented between two covers. This is the first time that a travel guide on the state has been published in association with the state government. The book has been divided into seven parts — Kolkaat, South Bengal, Western tracts, Central Bengal, North Bengal and Experiencing West Bengal. Although this  guide does not reveal unknown destinations, the existing ones have been beautifully presented’.


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